About Me

My first, biggest, and truest love is Travel. I’ve been finding excuses to wander and explore this beautiful chaotic world through much of the past decade. This love has led me to travel through 34 countries and live in 5… resulting in amazing memories, life-long friendships, my fair share of struggles, many mistakes, and lots of personal growth.
I have always believed deep in my core life is too precious and unpredictable to NOT chase down our dreams. I strive to live my life in a way that prevents me from looking back one day and saying “What if…”

I LOVE to travel and write about my adventures, misadventures, and random observations. Whether I am actually traveling or not, I aim to bring the same open-mindedness and curiosity to all my endeavors.

Some loves of mine: one-way tickets, spicy food (it’s an addiction), writing, yoga, meditation, undisturbed nature, good people, mountains, jungles, anything green, my family, bamboo bungalows, sunny days.. oh, and WINE. Lots of wine.

The world is a beautiful disaster, and I want to soak it up!










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