Where have I been?

I have visited:

1. England

2. Scotland

3. Ireland

4. Spain

5. France

6. Italy

7. Czech Republic

8. Austria

9. Germany

10. Greece

11. Netherlands

12. Cambodia

13. Laos

14. Vietnam

15. Thailand

16. Argentina

17. Costa Rica

18. Ecuador

19. Peru

20. Bolivia

21. Chile

22. United States

23. Mexico

24. Hong Kong

25. Australia

26. China

27. Nepal

28. India

29. Belgium

30. Indonesia

31. Taiwan

32. Philippines

33. Malaysia

34. Japan

And a few of my (mis)Adventures!….


Spent 10 days in total silence, sleeping on a cement slab and meditating at a monastery in Thailand

Straddled the equator in Ecuador

Stayed with a Shaman in the Amazon and participated in an Ayahuasca ceremony… twice.

Trekked to Machu Picchu

Built a house and poured multiple cement floors in Peru

Met Jackie Chan in Bangkok

Ate a frog dumpling in Cambodia

Went fishing for piranhas, then ate them for dinner

Accidentally checked myself into a brothel in Bangkok, mistaking it for a hotel

Trekked through the Amazon in both Peru and Bolivia

Swam with pink dolphins in the Amazon

Rode an Elephant while drinking beer

Got stuck in Bangkok while the city was on the brink of civil war

Had an awful allergic reaction to Ecuadorian mosquito bites (all 150 of them!!! I counted)

Got stuck in the airport in Bolivia for 2 days due to a fuel strike

Rented a car in Austria and accidentally ended up in Germany after the GPS failed me

Crushed a cockroach the size of my fist

Rode on a packed train for 45+ hours through India

Ate a guinea pig


Rode a motorbike up the coast of Vietnam in the midst of an intense monsoon

Crashed a motorbike in Vietnam

Partook in SongKran Festival in Thailand (a three day waterfight)

Played hooky from my grad school program in London and flew to Spain

Saw the worst puppet show of my life in Prague

Ate a magic brownie at a sex show in Amsterdam

Went to Chile and did nothing but laundry

Held a snake more times than I can count

Trekked to Annapurna Base Camp in the Himalayas of Nepal

Visited and meditated at the Dalai Lama’s residency in India

Spent three days in the Indian desert 10 km from Pakistan, high off hash (you read that wrong)


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