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I am Just Not Hippie Enough for you

We are both sprawled out in the soft sand, side by side on this weekday morning (Tuesday? Wednesday? We keep losing track). We are happily gazing into the ocean through our oversized sunglasses, watching the waves crash in and out, feeling the sun kiss our necks as it makes its morning appearance. We are sipping on our shakes, mine coconut

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India and Her Magic

India, where do I even start with you? I first want to tell you that I truly love you, even though you often overwhelm and frustrate me. I love your madness, your vibrant colors and disgusting smells, your blatant contradictions, your bleached purity, your holy cows that stubbornly block the middle of the road and refuse to budge even when

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Memories and Indian Train Rides

On what I thought was to be my very last night with Tash and Lana in Goa, we enjoyed a stunning sunset at an old hippie bar called Curlie’s. As we were relaxing on some compfy cushions overlooking the Arabian sea, sipping beer and snacking on hummus and calamari, we decided to take turns telling our most memorable experiences together

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