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My Not-so-Little Tale from the Philippines

The Philippines has been on my radar for quite a while. Not surprisingly, as it has three of my most favorite things in this world: ripe mangoes, raw nature, and uncomfortably sticky hot weather. When I moved to Taiwan last July, I knew that the first chance I got I would b-line it to the Philippines, as it’s merely a

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One week in Quito

…is plenty. There is no denying Quito is a very beautiful city, particularly from above. The city is built on rolling hills, which makes for a gorgeous setting. However, the horror stories I had been listening to all week from locals as well as fellow travelers on the roof of our hostel is enough to terrify any solo female traveler

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Off to South America

3/3/11 There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sitting alone in an airport terminal, holding a one-way ticket to a foreign country. It’s exciting, scary, nerve-racking and liberating all at once. Depending on the ticket’s destination, it also of course has an element of danger… which I will address later. In any event, I thrive on these feelings. Doing something

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