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Lighting Dark Corners in Uyuni, Bolivia

11/27/12 If I’ve learned anything about traveling during my time on the road, it is that it is a true art form. Sometimes simple, sometimes explosive, but always full of beauty and contrast. Letting the road unwind itself as it may, either by choice or force, has led to some of my most fulfilling experiences. One of the greatest challenges

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One week in Quito

…is plenty. There is no denying Quito is a very beautiful city, particularly from above. The city is built on rolling hills, which makes for a gorgeous setting. However, the horror stories I had been listening to all week from locals as well as fellow travelers on the roof of our hostel is enough to terrify any solo female traveler

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Off to South America

3/3/11 There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sitting alone in an airport terminal, holding a one-way ticket to a foreign country. It’s exciting, scary, nerve-racking and liberating all at once. Depending on the ticket’s destination, it also of course has an element of danger… which I will address later. In any event, I thrive on these feelings. Doing something

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