Sab kuch milega

Indians have a phrase that I heard often during my travels through India. It is “Sab kuch milega” which translates to “Everything is possible”. At first I found this phrase annoying, as shopkeepers and tour guides would shout it at me during intense stand-offs as I try to bargain down the price of “authentic” jewelry or secure a reclining seat on a long-distance bus, only to find out that it wasn’t in fact possible. Or if it was, it came at a steep price.

But over time, I started to really appreciate this optimistic phrase. As I became more confident in maneuvering myself through the chaos known as India, I began saying it myself. If I were in the midst of a bargaining face-off and they say to me in English “Not possible, my friend”, I would shoot back in my best Hindi, “Sab kuch milega, my friend.” And they would roar with laughter and shake my hand, appreciating the fact I knew this great phrase. And generally I would leave the store with my chosen discounted price.

This morning, as I was having a small internal discussion with myself over future plans as I brushed my teeth and washed my face, this phrase popped into my head again. I started thinking about it and really appreciating the inherent optimism in it. It also made me realize that I do, in fact, believe everything IS possible and for the most part I have lived my life in accordance with this, before I had ever heard it spoken in Hindi.

I truly believe we are only bound by our own limitations, and for the most part we can do anything that we want to do. The only reason something wouldn’t be possible is if we talk ourselves into believing that it is not, or bury ourselves in a pile of fear. Of course, this is within reason; if your dream is to be a professional singer and you lack natural talent, then maybe it’s not possible. But what is possible is the WILL. We can try for absolutely anything. We are born in America and we have free will. We may not realize the magnitude of this until witnessing people in other countries who do not have this freedom we are born into. But we do, and we need to recognize that.

We are blessed to be alive in this world and must understand that it is only for a limited time. We have no idea how limited it will be, but it’s safe to say that each day we are one day closer to our demise. Everything in life points to the fact that we can and should all be actively working towards doing what fulfills our heart’s deepest desires, while we can.

Let me explain how everything is possible.

If you don’t like your job, you can quit. If you want to climb the corporate ladder in your career, you can do so with the right preparation, knowledge, and attitude. If you want to learn to cook, you can take lessons. If you want to go to college but can’t afford it, you can take out a loan or apply for grants. If you want to travel the world, you can purchase a plane ticket and go. If you want to rid yourself of anxiety, you can practice meditation or take pills (I advocate the former). If you want to improve anything about yourself, you CAN. Read books, get a mentor, ask for help. If you want to leave a relationship, you can walk out the door. You are not bound by any chains whatsoever. You have a mind and two feet (hopefully), and you can do anything you want to do.

I am in no way suggesting that any of this is easy. In fact, in certain situations it is difficult beyond reason. It can be extremely hard to make a change and go after your dreams, because the rule of thumb is that you generally must always sacrifice something else in order to do so. Sometimes you may even have to flip your entire world upside down. However, my question to you is, what are you sacrificing by NOT going after what you want?

You need to recognize the fact that it IS possible, and it is completely up to you to design your own life and decide what is worth going after and what is worth sacrificing. You have the absolute power to make these decisions.

People will claim they don’t have the power because they are worried about money, social pressures, or what may or may not happen down the road. But it is nonsensical. Social ties and money should never imprison you. Money is attainable everywhere, and it should be there to help us succeed in life, not to enslave us. I know lots of people, including myself, who have traveled parts of the world on very little money, or have worked all over the world, making money to fund their travels. Money should not be a reason to hold you back.

It is time to take a good hard look within yourself and realize that you are the creator of your destiny. You are free. You are bound only by your own limitations and your own fears. If you don’t like something, change it. If you want something, go after it. Decide on a goal and make a plan. Make this life one to look back on fondly and proudly. Everything is possible.

Sab kuch milega.












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