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The Pre-Departure Emotional Sanity Check List

For the past several months, I’ve been planning my big departure to the other side of the world. Through my previous experiences with long-term travel, I’ve discovered that there’s lots of boxes that need to be checked off before an adventure of this caliber. Aside from the obvious (quit job and move out of apartment), there are also plenty not

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Justify your own Existence

It was late on Monday afternoon and I had just finished my hot yoga session. I didn’t have any plans and didn’t feel like going directly home. Instead, I began wandering aimlessly down the avenues in my neighborhood, taking side streets that I had never taken before, when I was suddenly struck with an intense pang of loneliness. It felt

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Drifting between two worlds

How does one go… From waking up each morning on a hay stack bed, gazing up at the half-torn tarp roof clinging to its last fibers, piercing shrieks of hungry roosters in the distance, sixteen worn and scruffy people flung beside you, all crammed in one shanty bedroom. To waking up in a king-sized bed, arms outstretched, drowning in a

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